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PHS JROTC Overview


"To motivate people to become better citizens."


JROTC is one of the best citizenship and leadership programs in The Nation. This program is a High School course based on military values. JROTC teaches leadership, physical fitness, health and citizenship. In addition to this, students are taught efficient ways to improve on school work which has proven to have a positive impact on all other classes. As a result of being in the program, a majority of JROTC students have become successful academically, at PHS and post highschool. Although JROTC may be demanding, the majority of JROTC students thrive because they make an effort to accomplish challenges which is driven by the values taught throughout the program. 


  • 2.0 Grade Point Average
  • Completed Athletics Package (Inlcluding a Physical Examination)
  • Good Citizenship
  • 5-10 commited hours outside of regular school hours (Not including Competition, Community Service, & Events)


JROTC brings Cadets together to serve our community. JROTC Cadets do more than 50 community service hours every year. Community Service Hours are completed at events such as city clean ups and event set ups, to name a few. The City of Paramount loves inviting the Cadets to their events because of how reliabe JROTC has proven to be at past events. 


The goal of JROTC from Freshman year to Senior Year is to get every Cadet to graduate High School. Cadets leave Paramount High School with plenty of options to choose from, whether it be from attending college, joining the military or a service academy. By joining JROTC, prospective Cadets can be sure that they will be doing the best thing for their future.


  • Armed Drill
  • Armed Exhibition
  • Unarmed Drill
  • Unarmed Exhibition
  • Color Guard
  • Marksmenship
  • Raiders