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California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

New Officers for 2017-18

President - Arellys Burgos

Vice-President - Jackie Lopez

Secretary - Daphne Cruz

Treasurer - Gisselle Rios


Senior Community Scholarship Award

Senior Community Scholarship Award applications are now being accepted 

4 - $500. scholarships will be awarded

Application deadline is May 26, 2017

Criteria and info in the CSF locker

CSF Scholarship Application


Special Announcement: New procedures

Mandatory requirements -

   Typed application (free printing in library).

   Student transcript undamaged (no report cards) free at College and   Career Center.


What is CSF?

CSF is an Academic Recognition Program sponsored by the State of California. 

Students may only join CSF if there is a chapter on his/her high school campus.  At the beginning of each new semester, the CSF advisor holds a membership drive that is promoted to the student body.  Students must fill out and submit an application during the enrollment period only.  Late applications are not accepted and there is no retroactive membership.  Applications may only be submitted to the CSF advisor at the school.


What is required to be a member?

Students need a total of ten (10) points based on the lists of courses offered at the school.  A minimum of seven of the ten points must be from Lists I and II courses, with four of these points from List I.  The additional three points may be from List III. Students may use up to five courses (25 credits) to apply for membership. However, a D or an F in any subject, even if not being used for CSF points, disqualifies the student for that semester. Good citizenship is also a membership requirement.



A Life Member or Sealbearer (the terms are used interchangeably) is a student who has earned at least four semesters of membership based on grades earned in 10th through 12th, with one of the semesters based on senior grades. This is not automatic and is only granted to those who have submitted their applications and qualified for membership. If the student needs to use his/her final senior grades to earn the fourth semester of membership, the CSF adviser must give him/her an opportunity to do so.

Students receive a CSF Certificate, Stole, CSF Lamp Pin, CSF Gold Seal on their Diploma, and Special Recognition at Graduation.

Earn a gold Stole and Tassel at graduation for four or more semesters of membership

Students must re-apply each semester using their previous semester's grades.



Use the App, Text, or Email

Remind - Text Phone #  81010

Class of 2017 code -   @csfcl

Class of 2018 code -   @csfcla

Class of 2019 code -   @csfclass19

To use email, use above code with


To use App, use your class code  (ex.)  @csfcla


Grade Points

Grades are calculated as follows:

A = 3

B = 1

C = 0

No D's or F's allowed in any courses that semester.

1 extra point may be used for AP and Honors classes (for two classes only)

Example: an A in an AP class would = 5 points